Walk the Plank

When I was growing up, pirate movies were popular. A common scene in many movies was when somebody walked the plank. Those pirates weren’t nice guys. The evil captain with the patch over his eye made somebody walk the plank to his death.

When you accept Jesus Christ and step forward to do so, it’s like walking the plank. Only the promises of God are good promises, they’re not bad promises.

The scariest part of making an altar call is walking down to the front. After you do that, it’s easy. It’s like stepping off the plank. Once you step off, you’re committed. There’s no going back.

When you step off the plank, you fall in the ocean. When you make the commitment to walk down to the altar and accept the Lord, you fall into the loving arms of the Lord. He catches you. He rescues you. He saves you. That’s good news.

The most amazing thing is that, when someone is saved, they’re elevated to the right hand of God in Christ Jesus. They fall in the ocean of His love, but they find that their place of authority is at God’s right hand.

They are established in Christ. There’s no getting to God without Jesus. With Jesus, you are seated at the right hand of God spiritually speaking. That is a place of authority.

The word salvation means to be established at a high place. Biblically speaking, it means to be established at God’s right hand. That is the highest place.

So when you fall off the plank with God, not only does He catch you, but He raises you high above all the powers and principalities of this world. He takes you to a place of safety. You are spiritually secure in Christ.

That’s why when you read the New Testament, you will see throughout the Epistles the phrase in Christ. That phrase means that anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior exists in Him spiritually. And where is Jesus seated? His place is at God the Father’s right hand. There is no higher place.

At the moment you accept Christ, you are changed forever. You are a new creation. You become part of the family of God. God is your Father, Jesus is your Lord and the Holy Spirit is your Best Friend.


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