Job Never Gave Up

Job is one of the most interesting people in the Bible. He was the wealthiest man in all the East. God prospered Job.

Job had made a covenant with himself not to sin against God.

Job was not at peace. He said “The thing that I feared has come upon me.” (3:25) Job had lost everything.

After suffering and perservering, Job finally came to the place where he had an audience before God.

Job saw God in the cloud. It was at this point that Job trembled with fear. The fear of the Lord drove out the fear of failure in Job.

It is to Job’s credit that he stuck it out until he saw God. Job’s friends did understand. His wife even tried to get him to give up. Job would have none of it.

That was the one defining things of Job — it was he knew that his help came from the Lord. And he sought the Lord.


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