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Confessing “Jesus Christ is Lord” may seem strange to some people. They may not understand it.

It is simply acknowledging the lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus is a king. He is the king of the kingdom of God. He is the Lord of life.

When we come to God, there is only one way. The only way is through Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

When we come to Jesus Christ, we have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. There is no other way. There is no other. Jesus Christ is alone the Lord of life.

God simply asks us to believe in Jesus and confess him as Lord. In other words, we acknowledge Him.

Acknowledging Jesus is an expression of faith. It is believing the things that are not seen. These unseen things exist, but we do not see them with a natural eye apart from the spirit.

There will come a time when “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”. This is when Jesus returns.

When he returns, there will be no option. People will see that he is Lord, and they will know that he is Lord. Those who have already accepted him and confessed him as Lord will do so again freely. Those who have not accepted him will do so anyway.

When Jesus appeared in the Earth, ministered and made the way of salvation, he did so as a servant. He was a servant King. He came to do the Father’s will, not his own.

That is why Jesus said in the Garden of Gethsemane “not my will but yours”. He was praying to God the Father, if there was any other way. Going to the cross was not a pleasant idea.

Jesus had emptied himself of the glory of God. Even though Jesus was God, he had become a man. He became a man, so that he could die for the sins of the world and three days later be raised from the dead. And then he ascended to God the Father and sprinkled his blood upon the Heavenly altar, cancelling the written code or the Law of sin and death.

Jesus did what no one else could do. That’s why the Bible says that he is the way. He is the way, because he made the way.

But he also said “I am the resurrection and the life.” That’s why when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead he said “anyone who believes in me though he dies will live.” Death has no hold over Jesus. Jesus is life.

Everyone wants to get to heaven. Every one wants to have eternal life. Everyone wants life after death. It is available to all of us. It is not some ethereal concept. Heaven is a real place. It exists. It is where God dwells.

Heaven is God’s place. It is his house. It is where he lives. All we have to do is accept him and acknowledge him, and we will enter into eternal life. Jesus is the son of God. He is the Lord of the house. If we want to be part of his family, then we have to accept him. It is so simple, a child can do it.

Jesus even said to enter the kingdom of God, we have to have the humility of a little child. When we accept Jesus freely, openly and simply, we are being like a little child.

When we accept or acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, we enter into a relationship with the Father, through Jesus Christ the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit. God is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We become part of the family of God. God is building a family.


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