House of Prayer


God wants his house to be a House of Prayer. What does this mean? God is building a holy house not made with human hands. He’s building it with living stones. The living stones are people. They make up the body of Christ. That is the house that God is building.

That’s why Jesus said “My house will be a House of Prayer.” The place where he dwells is to be a house in prayer. Where does Jesus dwell? Jesus dwells in the heart of every believer.

Money & Marketplace

Jesus said “What profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?” He also said “What can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

There is nothing in this world that can pay for one’s salvation. Only Jesus can save a person. It is only through faith in Christ that a person can be saved. That’s why the Bible says “All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Jesus paid the price for our salvation. He paid the price on the cross. The price has already been paid. That’s why it is free. All we have to do is receive it. Salvation cannot be earned. It can only be received.

The price was not paid with silver or gold. The price was paid with the life of Jesus. He gave his life so that we could live. Jesus became sin for us that we could become the righteousness of God in him.

The Third Day

On the third day, Jesus rose from the grave overcoming death. He never intended to stay dead. That was not part of the plan. That’s why we become the righteousness of God in him. It is because Jesus rose from the grave.

Jesus cancelled the Law of sin and death. He did so we can be saved by faith. It was always by faith. Abraham was the father of faith. Abraham was before the Law.

He believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.

Now that Jesus has come, when we accept Christ, we become the righteousness of God in him.

We no longer need a letter of credit. We become the righteousness of God the moment we accept Christ and confess him as Lord. It’s with the heart that a person believes and is justified. And it is with the mouth that a person confesses and is saved.

Kingdom of God

The things of the kingdom of God are often equated to financial transactions. They are financial transactions in the spirit. They are spiritual transactions.

We cannot pay for spiritual things. They can only be received and given. Yes, it may cost money to put on the lights, have a building and staff, but the actual spiritual building, the heart of man, cannot be paid for.

If a person wanted to buy a salvation with good works or with money, it would not be accepted.

But if a person came to God and said “Jesus, I receive the free gift of salvation. I believe in you. I believe that you died on the cross for my sins, and you rose from the grave on the third day, overcoming death. I freely confess you as the Lord of my life. Come into my heart. Come into my life. Be my Lord and Savior.” They would be saved, because they received the free gift of salvation.


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