Promises and Rewards

Someone said that the New Testament is a book of promises and rewards

The greatest promise of the is the promise of eternal life, through faith in Jesus Christ.

There is nothing wrong with promises and rewards.

Promises and rewards are based upon the life of Jesus Christ and what He offers all those who follow Him.  It’s the way that the kingdom of God works.  It’s the way that people work. 

Once many people left Jesus.  He turned to the twelve and said, “Will you leave me also.” 

Peter replied to him, “Where will we go, you have the words of eternal life.”

Jesus replied to them that anyone, who leaves behind things to follow Him, will receive in this life 100 times what they left behind, and the life to come, eternal life.

Promises and rewards. It’s what the kingdom of God is all about.  It not about achievements apart from God: such things are mere sandcastles that wash away with the tide.

It’s about following Jesus, and it’s about promises and rewards.  It’s about knowing God and being known by God.


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