World Series 2015

The last time the KC won the World Series was in 1985. It’s been 30 years.  This time they won in a fashion that teaches us all something.

In this world series KC demonstrated several qualities:

1) one they never gave up.  They never gave in.  It didn’t matter what the score was or who the opponent was. They kept playing. 

2)  they keep the pressure on. This was one of the most endearing characters of this team. If their opponent let down for a minute, KC took advantage of it. 

3) they put the ball in play.  Instead of  swinging for the fences, they got on base. I saw one game where they scored two home runs. But in the same game and in other games, I saw them get on base and keep the ball in play a lot.  And that translated into runs.

4) they outscored their opponents something like 15 to 1 from the 8th inning on. (This was direct result of points 1-3.) They lost one game, but they won the World Series.

And so what can we learn from their style of play.

1) perseverance, 2) pressing forward, 3) win in small ways as well as big, 4) take the harvest.  

Keep playing smart baseball.


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