Justification and Faith

With the advent of Jesus Christ, we are no longer justified by works, but by faith.  Justification is not based on what we have accomplished but by our faith in Christ. 

We are made clean by the precious blood of Jesus.  Nothing can be made more clear than the shedding of blood upon the Cross. Jesus lived a sinless life and then gave His life for ours.

Even with Jesus, it was not a matter of attaining; it was a matter of having. He gave his sinless life for ours, so that we could be without sin.   Jesus didn’t earn it. It was who He was, the Lamb of God.  Jesus was the Son of God. He was without sin.

Jesus became sin for us, so that we could become the righteousness of God in Him.  It was on the Cross that He took the sin of the world in His body. Having paid the price, the price has been paid.  Instead of trying to justify ourselves, we need to lean on the finished work of the Cross.

Once we believe in Jesus and acknowledge Him, we need to live the life, but that is another subject.


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