The valley of deep darkness

Do you know what the valley of the shadow of death can be translated as: it can be translated as the valley of deep darkness.

Even the darkness is open to God. There’s nothing hidden He does not see that is hidden in darkness. All you have to do is trust God and He will lead you through and you will come out into a glorious light.

As a kid, I went through a valley. It did not look all that scary from a distance, but once I got up to it, I couldn’t see in the valley.  That was scary at the time.

I walked thru more than once.  In order to see in the darkness of the valley, I had to get in the valley.  When I got into the valley my eyes adjusted and I could see enough to walk through. There were still shadows, but the one thing that I did was to concentrate on the on the place that I was going, which was the other side.

And then when I came out the other side, the light was glorious.  I was warm, because the light warmed me.

That’s the way it is with faith. We live by faith and not by sight.  We have to trust God and trust Him to protect us, when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death or the valley of deep darkness. 

You know that when you come out the other side, you’ll be in the light. Trust God when you’re going through a valley. 

You know the Bible says we go from faith to faith. We stand on the ridge of the valley in the light, and when we have passed through the darkness in the valley, we are again standing on the edge of the valley in the sunshine.

But all the while, whether you are on the edge of the valley or going through  the middle of the valley, God is with you. He never leaves nor does he ever forsake you. He is always with you.

That’s why we live by faith and not by sight, because we know that the unseen world is eternal and the seen world is temporal.  Heaven is a eternal, and God has made a new heavens and earth.

So don’t worry, don’t be afraid and trust God. His angels are surrounding you, even though you don’t see them.  Peace!


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