Spiritual wealth

Wealth is not only about money.  It is not only about business success. There is something called spiritual wealth.

Jesus even said to be rich towards man and poor towards God is foolish.

You can have millions of dollars in the bank and be in poverty spiritually speaking. You can be a billionaire and be broke in your heavenly account.

Jesus told us where to store up treasures.  He told us to  store up treasures in heaven.

On earth if you let treasure sit around it tends to erode. Jesus used the example of  moths and rust.  Moths eat clothes and rust destroys metal.  He said do not store up treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy, but stored them up in heaven instead.

There was a lady who had a few coins. She put them in the offering. Jesus said that she had given more than everyone else, because she gave everything she had to live on.

Where should you store your treasure?  In heaven.


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