For sure we are needy people. Jesus said He came to save those that needed saving. He said, It’s the sick who need a doctor, not the well. 

Without God, we can do nothing.  We must always have the supply that comes from God.  We must remain connected. The branch by itself can do nothing without the vine. The branch lives because the vine supplies it life force. It supplies the nutrients that make the branch alive.

But with God all things are possible. If we let him, God will bind up the broken hearted. He will heal those who have been crushed.  God forgives, He heals, He delivers, He takes away shame.

God sustains.  He gives life.  Just as Jesus was raised from the dead, so too God raises us from the dead.  He gives us new life.

Let us pursue him to know Him, until we come to that place of rest in Him, and we can say, It is well with my soul, it is well with my soul.



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