The Law and Justification

If anyone broke even the least command of the Law, they were guilty of breaking the whole Law.  Therefore, God built into the Law the shedding of blood of animals for the forgiveness of sin.  So that if one practiced the whole Law, they were justified. 

Forgiveness was built into the Law, because the requirements of the Law, thou shall not, were not possible to keep. Only one person was ever able to keep the Law, and that was Jesus.  He came into the world in the form of sinful man, to live a sinless life, and then He became sin for us on the Cross. 

That’s why when we put our faith and trust in Him, we are justified, that is we are found not guilty.  The reason that we are found not guilty is the price for sin has already been paid by Jesus.  It would do no good to pay for what has already been paid for. 

When we accept Christ Jesus into our life, we are no longer under the Law.  We are separated into God.  The Law is the Law of sin and death and applies to this world.  And, the world is passing away.  We inherit eternal life. 

The outward manifestation one who is in Christ in to live the Christian life, not a life of sin.  We live the Christian life, because He lives in us.


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