Forgiveness and Righteousness

Forgiveness means not holding one’s sins against them.  It also has the meaning to send away or to disassociate from.  It means clearing a debt.  When we believe in Jesus Christ, God clears the ledger sheet.

God makes us righteous.  That’s why we are called the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. It’s not what we have done, it’s what God has done.  God has cleared the ledger of sin-debt against us, so that there is no debt to pay – what we could not have paid.  Then, He has made us righteous. 

It’s all because Jesus died on the Cross and three days later rose from the grave, making a way for us to have eternal life.  Jesus is the door; through Him we enter into a new life.

We are forgiven because of the Cross. We receive new life because of the Resurrection.  That’s why when we believe in our heart we are justified, and when we confess with our mouth we are saved. It through believing and confessing we are saved.  It is because of the Cross and the Resurrection.

And what is it that we confess: Jesus is Lord.


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