Sphere of influence

We’ll have a sphere of influence. Some have a wide bridging audience.  Some have a small cadre of followers.

Let’s see what Jesus had as our example.

He had the 12 disciples .

From the 12 disciples he had three — Peter, James and John who were the closest to him.  He chose them to follow him up on the mount of Transfiguration.

From the 12 disciples, Jesus also had Judas who betrayed him. So we should not think it unusual, if somebody from our sphere of influence turns out to secretly be against us. 

Jesus also had the 70 who followed him, and He sent them out with the 12 to do miracles.

Then there were the 500 that saw Jesus after He was resurrected from the dead.  Jesus stayed with them for a while and did many miracles among them, proving to them who he was.

Jesus also spoke to the crowds of thousands.  There was the 5000 and five loaves and the 4000 and seven loaves.

He had a great healing ministry in Capernaum.

He spoke to Nicodemus who came to him at night. And he spoke to the woman by the water at the well of Jacob.

Jesus often talk to crowds about the kingdom of God.

He was brought before Pilate and Herod and punished for crimes that He did not commit.

Jesus died on the cross and the two that followed Him to the foot of the cross were Mary and John.  There were others there as well.

There was Joseph of Arimathea who ask Pilate for Jesus’ body.

These are just some of the relationships or the spheres of influence Jesus had on people’s lives.


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