eye has not seen nor ear heard

The word of God says eye has not seen nor here heard what God has prepared for those who love him.

When I was young we used to go on trips to places.  And many times the trip was more fun than arriving there. 

God promises us heaven, when we die. It gives people comfort and hope, so that they can pass from this life to the next without fear. 

There is great reward for those who accept Christ in this life. 

Not only is it the ability to pass through death without fear,  there is great reward.

This should give us all, all who believe in Christ, great encouragement. We don’t have to even worry about what the rewards for following Christ, we just have to rest and be at peace and know that God will take care of it.

Even so, God gives us glimpses into the future and to what the future will bring. The future is now, it is in Christ.


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