Miracles Still Happen

Miracles still happen.  One happened to me today.  God answered a prayer.  It didn’t take long.  The answer was immediate.  God hears the prayers of his children!  So what was it?

I had swallowed 10-15 vitamins of various kinds.  One of them got lodged in my throat.  But i didn’t really know it, so i tried eating and drinking something. Instead of swallowing, everything got backed up. I spit up, choked and had a hard time breathing.  I had a pill lodged somewhere in my windpipe.

This went on for 15-30 minutes.  Everything I tried didn’t work.  The pill was still stuck and i was having trouble breathing.

Then, the phone rang.

I went over to answer it, but then it occurred to me to pray.  So, I did. It was not a long elaborate prayer.  Barely a whisper. And, then the pill was no longer in my throat.

I could breath and swallow with no problem, and talk on the phone!

Thank You Lord  :-).

By the way, just so you know, if you don’t: Jesus is the Lord.  He is closer than a brother.  He is faithful, because he cannot deny himself. He is truth, and he is real.

And, he saved me tonight.  He answered my prayer and saved me from choking on a pill.  And, while that may not seem like a very big deal, it is if you’re the one choking!


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