New Before the Old, and After

The New Covenant is the covenant of faith.  It was established by Abraham, who believed God and was credited with righteousness. 

It was temporarily set aside by the Law until the right time when Christ would appear.  The Law was the shadow, but the reality is found in Christ. 

Christ came and established the New Covenant.  It is based on the finished work of Christ.  He died for the sins of world on the Cross, and in three days rose from the grave overcoming death. 

He made a way to eternal life for all who believe in Him by becoming the way.  God the Father raised him from the dead in the power and life of the Holy Spirit. 

Christ raises everyone to life who believes in him.  He makes alive the dead.  That is what it means to be born-again.  We are spiritually raised with Christ.

The covenant of faith was started by Abraham.  It was put into full effect with Jesus Christ.  Certainly, there were people before Abraham, such as Enoch and Noah.  God has always maintained a relationship with man.  He has always found those who believe Him. 

Abraham started what we call the New Covenant today.



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