Fruit Give Away

Have you ever heard the expression Give it away. The problem with that is that is does really tell the whole story. 

The Christian life is supposed to be one of overflowing.  And, from that we give into the lives of others. 

A well filled and overflowing flows into the lives of others.  One can even draw water from a half full well. 

A dry well is another matter. It very hard to draw water from a dry well.

The branch that bears fruit gives it fruit in season. 

It’s an amazing thing about fruit, in that it usually has a short harvest season. 

Things like grain can be stored.  Other things like olives must be pressed, so that the oil can be kept. And, there is wine, which comes from grapes.  The grapes must be pressed so the juice can be stored and changed to wine.

There is the fruit of the branch, but the branch must remain attached to the vine in ordered to be fruitful and productive. 

The Bible says that freely you have received, freely give. 

Yes, go to the marketplace of ideas, and sell the good news.  When someone inquires about the hope that you have, tell them about Jesus.  

Write books, plays, movies and newsletters and such things to keep the good news continually published. Hold meetings, events and seminars. 

Do whatever you find to do, and do what God has called you to do. 

Wine, grain and oil can be stored and sold throughout the year, but grapes, wheat and olives must be harvested or they will fall to the ground. 

There are those who care called to the full time ministry: apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers.

Everyone has a ministry, a place of service.


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