King David’s Wealth 4

David was king over Israel for forty years. He was king for seven years in Hebron and thirty three years in Jerusalem.

David had to wait on the death of King Saul, before being crowned king, just as Moses had to wait for the death of those seeking to take his life.  There was a period of time between David being anointed king and being crowned king.  It was a time of testing and faith.  David never changed who he was – a man after God’s own heart.  His position with God was the same the day God declared it – however, the realization of who he was and what he was called to do took some time.  Then, David was crowned king.   By time he was king, David had become a seasoned warrior, used to depending on God.

During his reign as King, David brought peace to Israel, by subduing her enemies on all sides.  The peace lasted for a generation after his reign.  His son, Solomon, reigned as king and enjoyed a time of unprecedented prosperity.  During that time, Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem.  Jerusalem became the center religious life for God’s people; there each year the people would come before God.

During his kingship, David fought and won many battles.  He acquired much wealth.  His goal was to build the Temple, a resting place for the name of the God of his people, the one true living God – that privilege and responsibility went to his son Solomon.  David, however, was able to donate his entire estate to that purpose.  It was worth billions of dollars by today’s standards.  Estimates are in the 5-10 billion dollar range.  Older estimates were in the range of 3 billion.


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